Autumn Term 2 – Vocabulary

Introduced to 2 key words each week using the STAR approach ( Select, Teach. Activate and Review).

Using full sentences when answering a question.

Play games to generate new adjectives. When reading class book, children select interesting adjectives and add to adjective envelope/word bank.

Children using adjectives to add description to their work.

Word hunt sessions to find synonyms using thesaurus, the internet and own ideas.

Spring Term 2 – Vocabulary

Children take part in vocabulary dress up day.

Play games to generate new adjectives.

Reading comprehension and story time to focus on adjectives.

Time planned in for editing using the word banks.

Science Summer Term 2

Children experience opportunities to question and investigate.

Children are engaged and eager to explore.

Children are using working scientific vocabulary.

Children able to use subject specific vocabulary.

Children experience opportunities to broaden their knowledge and promote their inquisitive thinking.