If you would like paper copies of any of the policies please contact the school office (01362) 692727

Accessibility Plan 2019-2022

Admissions 2021-2022

Anti-Bullying Policy 2020-2023

Assessment Policy 2020-2023

Attendance Policy 2020-2023

The school follows all of the advice and guidelines offered by the NHS-


Behaviour-Management 2020-2023

Breakfast and Afterschool Club Policy May 2021

Camera and Mobile Phone policy 2020-2023  (All Students and Volunteers MUST read)

Calculation Policy 2022-2025

Charging and Refunds Policy July 2021

Code of Conduct Policy March 2022 (All Students and Volunteers MUST read)

Collective Worship Policy 2020-2021

Community Cohesion March 2022

Complaints Policy 2021-2024

Data Privacy Notice Sept 2020

DBS Checks Policy and Procedures Feb 2022

Early Years Policy 2020-2023

Equal Opportunities Policy 2019-22

Educational Visits Policy September 2021

Health and Safety Policy 2021

Home Learning Policy Oct 2021-2024

ICT code of conduct for parents and carers

ICT Code of Conduct for pupils

ICT code of conduct for staff governors and visitors  (All Students and Volunteers MUST read)

Intimate Care Policy 2020-2023   intimate care appendix 2 and 3   intimate care appendix 4   intimate care appendix 5

Keeping_Children_Safe_in_Education_2021All Students and Volunteers MUST read Part One and Annex A)

Literacy Policy November 2020

Medicines Policy 2020-2023

  Medicines 2020 appendix template A  medicines 2020 appendix template b and c

Parent Partnership Policy 2020

Pay Policy March 2022

PE Policy December 2020

PSHE Policy 2021-2024

RE Policy November 2020-2023

Online-Safety-Policy-2020 with Covid addendum

Remote Learning September 2020

RSHE 2021-2022

Safeguarding Policy February 2022

School Lunch Box Policy 2021-2024

Social Networking Policy 2022-2025 (All Students and Volunteers MUST read)

SEND Policy 2020

Spiritual Development 2019-2021

Violence Agreement

Violence poster

Whistleblowing Policy 2021-2022

Whole School Food Policy 2021-2024