Autumn 2 Speaking and Listening (EYFS)

During Autumn 2, EYFS have been focusing on Speaking and Listening skills. Our aim was: To provide further opportunities for S&L with a clear focus on accelerating progress in Communication and Language, enabling all children to make at least good progress from their starting points towards end of year expectations.

  • We had daily nursery rhymes and songs.
  • We had daily stories using repetition.
  • We completed speaking and listening activities such as, Talk Box.
  • We completed daily games like I-Spy, Guess Who and Simon Says.
  • We were visited by two mystery visitors per week and had to ask them questions.
  • We had weekly music and songs.
  • We had show and tell sessions in Reception.
  • We completed a mindfulness workshop with parents so everyone could join in with speaking and listening activities.
  • We had a pyjama party with parents to complete speaking and listening stories and games.