We are currently reviewing our school curriculum. The new curriculum will be implemented from the 4th September 2023.

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Ourselves and our families Colours Winter My Town Minibeasts and Growing Holidays and Transport
Autumn Traditional Tales Pets

Click on the link to read the end of year expectations for Nursery

Nursery Expectations Booklet

If you would like to know more information about the curriculum that our school is following, or would like a paper copy of any of the below, please contact the school on (01362) 692727 or email

Please see below our medium term plans for Nursery:

Nursery Aut1 MTP Ourselves and our Families WITH LEARNING IDEAS

Nursery Aut2 MTP Colours and Autumn WITH LEARNING IDEAS Nursery

Spr1 MTP Winter and Traditional Tales WITH LEARNING IDEAS Nursery

Spr2 MTP My Town and Pets WITH LEARNING IDEAS Nursery Sum1 MTP

Minibeasts and Growing WITH LEARNING IDEAS Nursery Sum2 MTP

Holidays and Transport WITH LEARNING IDEAS