Design and Technology


Curriculm Ideas – Skill Intention

Nursery Learning


Reception Learning


Year 1 Learning

  • During Autumn 2 Year 1 invited their families and friends into school for a Design and Technology Workshop. The theme of the workshop was to create a new piece of ‘treasure’ that could be placed within the painting ‘The Paston Treasure’. A lot of fun was had by all!
  • JAM TARTS! To link with our theme learning ‘Kings and Queens’ the children made Jam Tarts for our Banquet and Ball day to share with our friends and families.
  • DESIGN AND CREATE A HOT AIR BALLOON. To link with our Theme ‘Come Fly With Me’ the children were invited to work in teams to create a hot air balloon. They looked at images of existing products to base their designs on. After the designing and making stages the children were then encouraged to test their hot air balloon. We discussed what would make the test ‘fair’ and tested the balloons on the amount of time it took for them to land on the ground. The longer in the air, the better the design!
  • EATING AROUND THE WORLD WORKSHOP. On Wednesday we welcomed our friends and family into school to try different foods from around the world linking with our theme of ‘Come Fly With Me’. The children tried 6 new foods and explained why they did or didn’t like them.
  • Didgeridoo Making. Success Criteria: it has to be at least 1 meter long, it has to be a cylinder, it has to make a deep loud sound.

Year 2 Learning

  • To link with their theme learning Year 2 created their own version of Pudding Lane, they then tested their buildings by inviting the local fire service in to set them alight to recreate that famous historical event.
  • SOUP MAKING WITH NORSE. Year 2 invited NORSE in to make WW2 rationed soup in Spring 1 to link with their theme, they were given the opportunity to cut the vegetables, mix them and then try the soup they had made!

Whole School Design & Technology Projects

DT DAY. Everyone in main school took part in a DT day project. “We’re going on a Bear Hunt, we’re going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day. We’re not scared! Uh oh! A puddle, a deep dark puddle. We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it. Oh no! We’ve got to go through it!”. The children were told a new part of the bear hunt story and were given a selection of materials. Their challenge was to select and identify the best material to make a boat with, the material had to be waterproof and float! We tested our predictions and reflected through evaluations.