School PE and Sports Provision 2013-14

 The school has received funding for Key Stage 1 Children of £7570

The Governors have decided it will be used as follows:
Staffing provision To employ a member of staff, Mrs Jayne Wassell (an experienced School Sports Coordinator and PE teacher) to take the lead responsibility for developing a programme to support the government’s initiative to ‘develop an enjoyment of sport and physical activity, and promote a healthy lifestyle in children’ that is sustainable for the school and improves outcomes for all children.
intervention To support teaching staff in creating a more in depth P.E curriculum which develops the children physically, mentally and encourages inclusive competition.Increased activity enabling opportunity for learning and participating in a healthy lifestyle.A series of varied sports focussed after school clubs which will encourage pupil development as individuals and under pin SMSC values by embedding appreciation of team play, supporting each other and improved self esteem for pupils.
Resources To purchase new resources to support the range of clubs being offered.Pom poms for cheerleading.hi visibility vests for cycle club.pump and cones for football.Kings Lynn sport event for high attainers in P.E.