Autumn 2018 Reading

Our focus during Autumn Term 1 is Reading.

We want to raise the attainment of reading, in particular with reading comprehension. i.e inference, sequencing events and vocabulary.

We have had a reading challenge where all classes are trying to read at least 80 times a week at home. If the class read over 80 times they receive a new book and the class with the highest total receives a second book of choice. The children are doing really well at increasing how many time they read at home – well done!

Class Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
Pearl 37 66 83 72 74
Ruby 44 75 83 84 80
Diamond 72 78 77 98 88
Sapphire 57 64 67 54 58
Emerald 63 72 74 66 76
Topaz 47 65 79 83 94

We have held ‘Reading and Phonics’ workshops where parents/carers can come in and enjoy reading activities with their child.

We have changed the way we teach Reading Comprehension and now have whole class reading comprehension where we read the same book for at least a week and discuss the vocabulary, the sequence of events and do lots of fun inference activities.