Maths learning

Years 1 and 2 have a daily maths session focusing on number, measurement, geometry and statistics. The teaching of mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving provide the foundations from which the maths lessons are conducted. Each lesson has been planned to give every child the opportunity to develop their mathematical skills through working with an adult, their peers or independently.

We use the CPA approach throughout our school, providing opportunities for all children to use a range of manipulatives.

Maths skills are boosted through regular Maths Meetings. Maths Meetings cover a variety of areas of the maths curriculum more frequently, involve singing and chanting, are interactive and meet the needs of all abilities.

Throughout the year parents and carers have the opportunity to come into school and learn with their child. Last year we held maths open mornings in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Parents and carers also have the opportunity to speak to teachers about how their child is progressing through termly parents’ evenings.

We aim for all of our children to develop a love of numbers, secure number sense and conceptual understanding.




Year 1

Year 2