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Dereham PE and Sports Premium Funding Report – please see Governors tab

DCINS are positively contributing to Norfolk’s Strategy for Physical Activity, PE, Sport and Physical Development for Young People…… ‘ACTIVE FUTURES.’

Here we will be promoting the benefits of an Active Lifestyle which is important in improving our children’s attendance, class functioning and retention whilst also helping to maintain a healthy body that will reduce diseases in later life such as heart problems and Type 2 diabetes.

The PE and Sport programme we deliver will also impact on our children’s wellbeing giving them a more positive self esteem. Being part of a team will not only help with communication and language but the children will start to develop good skills in problem solving and positive social behaviour such as leadership and responsibility will emerge.

Our School ensure  that the staff delivering PE are suitably qualified and our programme of study offers a broad range of Out of Schools hours Sports Clubs in order to meet the needs of all pupils.

2018 -2019 sees Mrs Jayne Wassell continue to provide a high quality PE programme to the children whilst also offering an all round Continuous Professional Development (CPD) opportunity for Staff Members and Adult Volunteers. Here the Staff are able to observe and teach alongside a PE specialist which in turn has broadened their own skill set and has led to a more proactive approach towards PE and Sport as a whole school.

DCINS has become a Member School to the West Norwich & Dereham School Sport Partnership. This provides more opportunities for our children to participate in Competitions and Festivals throughout the year. We have entered teams in the following Sports; Gymnastics / Cross Country / Football/ Athletics and also will attend an ‘adapted Sports Festival’ with children who have not previously engaged in this type of activity.

Gymnastics Competition

Our school entered the Norfolk School Games 2019 Primary Keysteps Gymnastics Competition. A group of six children competed in the first round at Easton Gymnastics club. The children had lots of fun and were invited to compete in the finals. The children competed in the finals at the UEA SPRING gymnastic park and came 6th out of 16. They all had a fantastic time and thoroughly enjoyed using the beams, bars, pit an trampolines.



Year 1 Ball Skills autumn assessment sheet

This is how we assess the progress of our children in PE. Each area of activity will have an individual assessment form that is completed by the class Teacher over a half term period of study. This helps indicate how they approach each task and the progress they make. The Assessment form is then passed onto the Sports Specialist Teacher to analyse the impact of learning within that area of study.

Health and safety update Oct 2016

Mrs Wassell attended an AfPE Health and Safety in PE course. She has summarised on this document some of the relevant points that are particularly important to our School.

After School Sport Clubs Inclusion Data -Dereham 2018

Dereham Curriculum Map 2018 -2019

After School Timetable 2018 -2019

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