Power of Reading

This year we have implemented The Power of Reading created by CLPE (Centre for Literacy in Primary Education) This programme supports our staff to evolve a high-quality literacy curriculum which develops reading comprehension and writing composition, and fosters a whole school love of reading and writing.

The Power of Reading puts quality children’s literature at the heart of their literacy learning and enables all the teaching and learning, to be centered around one text each half term. This allows the children to enjoy reading and be fully immersed into a text. It enables the children to have a deeper understanding of a variety of texts, author’s language and the impact of illustrations. It also supports us in raising engagement and attainment in language, vocabulary, reading and writing.

The Power of Reading allows us to emphasise the importance of books and literature in enabling children to become confident, happy and enthusiastic readers and writers.  Each text has a variety of writing outcomes which allows our children to be exposed to different text types and understand the features they need to include in their own writing.

More information can be found on our literacy page.