The Gemstones Club

We are delighted to inform you that Gemstones is situated within our Dereham Church Infant School Grounds, we offer breakfast Club service from 7-30am and we offer afterschool service until 6pm, we currently also have a Junior school Run Leader to drop off your child to Junior school and collect your child to bring them back to Gemstones from Junior School. unfortunately we are unable to accept  nursery children for any services.

Breakfast Club

Gemstones breakfast club is open from 7.30am – 9.00am, families can access our breakfast club, and all children have the option of having breakfast, which includes a variety of cereals, yoghurts, pancakes, fruit, toast and a drink between 7.30am and 8.00am.

Time Price Sibling rate
7-30am-8-45am (Including Breakfast )£4.50 £4.00
8.00am-8-45am (Without Breakfast)£3.50 £3.00

AfterSchool Club

Gemstones Afterschool Club is open from 3.05pm-6pm, and all children have the option of having a snack, which varies throughout the week, a selection of fruit is provided daily, also a light tea option including sandwiches, cheese and crackers, a selection of savoury and sweet snacks for those staying until 6pm.

TimePriceSibling Rate
3.05pm-4.00pm (Including Snack)£3.50£3.00
3.05pm-4.30pm (Including Snack)£5.25£4.75
3.05pm-5.00pm (Including Snack)£7.00£6.50
3.05pm-5.30pm (Including Snack)£8.75£8.25
3.05pm-6.00pm (Including Snack)£10.50£10.00

Mrs Smith
Breakfast and Afterschool club team member

Mrs Hurrell
Breakfast Club Team member

Mrs Caffyn
Breakfast and Afterschool Club Team Member

Mrs Brooks
Afterschool Club Team Member

Mrs Miller
Breakfast And Afterschool Club Contact/Finance

Mrs K Smith
Afterschool Club Team Member/Activities Organiser 

Mrs Doolan
Junior School run Leader drop off and pick up

A little bit about The Gemstones Club

Gemstones operate from our school hall and  offers a wide range of activities set out for the children which we like to change regularly to give a different variety of activities and things to do , these have included, playdough, board games, cooking based activities, movie time, also we like to base some activities around different themes. we can operate outdoors where the children can use sporting equipment, outdoor toys and tools for the outdoor environment such as gardening.

Our Gemstones Team Members will continue to offer the amazing service they have provided to all pupils of our gemstones club and we look forward to welcoming new pupils if you require any further information please email Mrs Miller or call 01362692727