Adverts for Governors

New Governors needed

Mrs Tricia Waller, our Chair of Governors, explains what is required of being a school Governor below.

We need Parents/Grandparents/Carers – Now!!

We are looking for enthusiastic people to join our governing team as governors.

What do Governors do?

You don’t need any special qualifications but you must be good at using email, the internet and have a laptop or PC.
We meet and work together to secure the best possible school experience for our children. We work with the Head Teacher and senior leadership and support them in running the school and we provide challenge by asking lots of questions!

It isn’t just about sitting in meetings! 

We try to really get to know the school. For example we visit classes to talk to pupils, meet with the staff, join a maths workshop, or help on school trips and meet with other parents at school events.  

Learn new skills!

We are all volunteers. 
As governors we have all discovered new abilities and learnt new things. There are lots of different training opportunities available to help you acquire new skills.

Why not give it a go?

Your voice as a parent/grandparent/carer is valued.
Email me at to find out more.
Tricia Waller
Chair of Governors