Welcome to our Nursery page…

This page will tell you what we have been learning about and all the exciting things we have been doing at Nursery. We will update this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we have done in our play and themes we have planned for from the children’s interests. Please keep checking this page to find out about and see all the exciting things that we have been doing in Nursery.

If you couldn’t attend our Nursery Welcome Meeting, please find a copy of the important information here…. Nursery Welcome Meeting

Autumn 1- Ourselves and Our families

In Nursery we have lots of new starters, so we have all been settling in to Nursery and learning the Nursery routines. Our topic this half term is all about ourselves and our families. We had a week were we focused on ‘Being me in my world’- and discussed lots about what makes us special and thinks we like. We decided on a set of class ‘rules’ or promises that we have made to be part of our Class Community;

  • Use kind hands and feet.
  • Look after Nursery things.
  • Sit smartly on the carpet.
  • We help each other.
  • We always try out best.

Stories are so important to us in Nursery. We have started our Power of Reading text ‘Brave Bear’- so far the children have explored their associations with things that are ‘hot’- like “fire”, “the sun” and “volcanoes”. We have discussed how the bears can cool down, like in a “swimming pool”, “the beach” or “in water”. We had lots of fun role playing being Baby Bear and Daddy bears trip to the river.

We have also looked at how we have grown and changed. We brought in photos of ourselves as babies and have explained lots of ways we have changed.

Summer 1 Nursery Newsletter

Our learning environment

A look around our nursery

Spring 2

Our Pets

This half term we have been learning about pets. We have all shared our own family pet photos with each other. Mrs Reed, Mrs Sari and Miss Watts brought in some of their pets from home. We had visits from a hamster, some gerbils, a crested Gecko and Otto, Miss Watt’s Sausage dog.

We had a visit from a vet Nurse who came in with a Tortoise and some Guinea Pigs. We learnt how to scan a pet for its microchip, how to give them medicine, bandage them and look after our pets. We turned our role play area into a ‘Vets’ and we all became Vets and Vet Nurses and took care of our soft toy pets.


We celebrated Easter at the end of Spring 1. We went to church with the whole school to sing songs to our friends and family. We enjoyed lots of spring and Easter fine motor play and made Easter cards. On the last day of term we tried Hot Cross buns. We learnt that the cross on the top of the buns reminds us of Jesus at Easter time.

Autumn 2

This half term we have been leaning all about Autumn and Colours.

We explored Autumnal natural items such as pumpkins, pine cones, crunchy leaves, acorns and conkers. We talked about what things we have seen happening outside this time of year. The leaves have turned orange and brown and are falling from the trees. Some animals are getting ready to hibernate through the cold Winter months. We brought in items that we collected on Autumn walks with our families and used those items in different areas in our classroom. We counted with conkers, painted with leaves, cut open and explored the seeds inside pumpkins.

We learnt the names of lots of colours and found out how to mix them together to make different colours. We painted our hands different colours and rubbed them together to make a new colour. We mixed colours in the water tray and we enjoyed many colour sorting activity.

Christmas fun!

We celebrated Christmas in December. We decorated our classroom with decorations that we made with our grown up when they visited for Decorating day. We sang to our friends and families in Church. We had a party day where we danced, played board games and we had a special visitor (Father Christmas) and we had an after school disco.

Spring 1

Winter and Polar animals

We turned Nursery into Antarctica in January. We found out all about Penguins and polar animals and spent lots of time exploring ice.

People who help us.

In Spring 1 we found out all about people who do jobs that help us. We learnt about the Police, Paramedics, Fire fighters and other emergency workers.

We were very lucky and had visits from A policeman, a Paramedic and a Fire crew. We were able to look at a fire engine, a police car and the equipment and uniforms that they wear and use to do their jobs. We asked them lots of questions and found out all about their job roles.