SIDP Priorities

Ofsted Judgement January 2019

Overall Effectiveness = Good

It is not yet an Outstanding School because:

  • Standards at the end of Key Stage 1 are not yet high enough because improvements in teaching have not had time to impact on results

What does the school need to do to improve further?

Improve teaching and raise standards in reading, writing and mathematics by:

  • Giving Key Stage 1 pupils every opportunity to informally draft their ideas and more formally record their work, so that they can develop their thinking and reflect on their own progress
  • Subject leaders include the underlying subject concepts pupils should understand in each of the new curriculum themes
  • The SENDCo receives sufficient time during the school week to monitor and evaluate the quality and impact of support programmes for pupils with SEND

SIDP 2022/23 Key Priorities

Focus Area 1 – Enable children to read and comprehend age-appropriate texts and beyond through the teaching of high quality synthetic systematic phonics and reading lessons.

Focus Area 2 – Ensure subject leaders can account for the quality of education in their subjects and use this to drive improvement. Ensure that subject leaders use robust monitoring to identify priorities and evaluate the impact of their actions so that the curriculum meets the needs of all pupils.

Focus Area 3- Further develop subject knowledge and pedagogy to ensure it is strong and enhances the teaching of the curriculum and the appropriate use of assessment.

Other – To be cyber security compliant.

SIDP 2021/22 Key Priorities

Priority 1: Leadership and Management

To continue with the drive, rigour and determination to promote equality of opportunity and high expectations of all.

To be proactive in responding to change in the current Education Climate; to be outward facing, inward looking to be well informed in implementing changes that are appropriate to our school and make greatest impact on outcomes for our children.

1.1 Leadership Development: To develop the role of the new Middle Leadership team to drive improvement and continue to have high standards through leading foundation subjects. To complete agreed Ofsted actions identified from inspection (Jan 2019) to ensure children make good progress from their starting points.

1.2 Curriculum: To continue to reflect, evaluate and embed our school curriculum to promote our ‘Curriculum of Opportunity’ ensuring a balance between key skills, creativity, values for life, well-being and breadth and depth in learning. To evaluate and develop the teaching and learning of the Foundation Subjects to ensure progression across the school while providing learning opportunities that engage, inspire and challenge our children to learn.

Priority 2: Teaching, Learning, Assessment

To further improve the quality of teaching with a clear focus on accelerating progress in Key Skills of Reading/Writing/Mathematics, enabling all children to make at least good progress from their starting points towards end of year expectations.

2:1. Daily Teaching of Key Skills at individual, group and whole class enables children at all levels, including more able to build on current knowledge, develop new skills and to use & apply confidently showing depth of learning.

2:2. Formative Assessment is used to provide support & challenge at all levels. Teachers know all children’s progress and determine additional support to ensure all children make at least good progress demonstrating high expectations of what all pupils can achieve. All teachers demonstrate good knowledge of age related expectations for their own and other year groups to enable children to make at least good progress.

Priority 3: Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare


3.1 To respond to pupil voice on their school experience.

3:2 Further develop the role of the School Council, Curriculum Leaders and Librarians.

3.3 Children are able to discuss and debate in a considered way; they are able to hold a thoughtful conversation about environmental and ethical issues.

3:4 Further develop children’s role in planning and monitoring collective worship.

3.5 Develop positive mental health for children and staff.

Priority 4: Outcomes X Reference Priority 2

Leaders and Governors have a clear focus on consistently improving outcomes for all pupils.

4:1. Current pupils make at least expected progress from their starting points

4:2 Specific groups of children including; disadvantaged pupils and T&MA disadvantaged pupils make similar progress or better than children with same starting points.

4:3 SEND pupils make similar progress to children with the same starting points. SENDCo monitors and evaluates the quality and impact of support programmes to ensure progress is evident.