Autumn 2

This half term we have been leaning all about Autumn and Colours.

We explored Autumnal natural items such as pumpkins, pine cones, crunchy leaves, acorns and conkers. We talked about what things we have seen happening outside this time of year. The leaves have turned orange and brown and are falling from the trees. Some animals are getting ready to hibernate through the cold Winter months. We brought in items that we collected on Autumn walks with our families and used those items in different areas in our classroom. We counted with conkers, painted with leaves, cut open and explored the seeds inside pumpkins.

We learnt the names of lots of colours and found out how to mix them together to make different colours. We painted our hands different colours and rubbed them together to make a new colour. We mixed colours in the water tray and we enjoyed many colour sorting activity.

Christmas fun!

We celebrated Christmas in December. We decorated our classroom with decorations that we made with our grown up when they visited for Decorating day. We sang to our friends and families in Church. We had a party day where we danced, played board games and we had a special visitor (Father Christmas) and we had an after school disco.