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Summer 1 Term Attendance 2021 – 96.57%

Whole Year Attendance 2019/2020 Pre-Covid – 94.89%

Newsletter Summer 2


We have been very busy this term creating lots of different crafts for our theme, Ahoy! We have made our own mascots and compasses.

World Book Day 2021

We had a fantastic day for World Book Day! Take a look at our brilliant costumes. We had a reading cafe in class where we created a seaside town for our story The Pirates Next Door.

Newsletter Summer 1

Treasure Hunt!

We received two very exciting letters from a mysterious pirate who needed our help to find his treasure chest and the key to open it! We spent the week writing a recount in our literacy lessons and explored our school grounds. We searched in the reflective garden, behind the bus and on our field. We found the chest hidden under a tree trunk on Monday and then we found the key tied high up in a tree on Friday.

Maths – Measuring

We have been exploring capacity and measurement in our Maths learning, such as grams, kilograms, centimetres, metres, litres and millilitres. We had great fun using scales to find the weight of different objects within our classroom.

Science – Germs Experiment

When we returned to school, after the January lock down, we focused our science lessons on learning the importance of hand washing and why some germs are ‘bad germs’. We used a UV light box, kindly donated to our school, to carry out our experiment. First we put our hands under the UV light to see how many germs are on our hands prior to washing them, then we washed our hands as well as we could with soap and warm water. We were so surprised to see that we had missed some areas on our hands, particularly our knuckles and thumbs, when we put our hands back under the light. It took some of us four or five washes to get rid of most of the germs!


This half term, Topaz Class are practising their ball skills in PE. So far they have explored rolling a ball around their bodies in lots of different ways, rolling a ball around a course, throwing and catching while walking and bouncing.

Autumn 2 Newsletter and home learning

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If you have any questions please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Wilderness Explorer day!

Year 2 had a great day celebrating the end of their theme ‘Wilderness Explorers’. They really enjoyed designing and creating their own Wilderness Explorer accessories.