Year 2

Welcome to our Year Two page…

This page will tell you what we have been learning about and all the exciting things we have been doing in Year Two. We will update this page with exciting class news, and photos of our learning. Please keep checking this page to find out about and see all the exciting things that we have been doing in Year Two.

Year 2 Newsletter SUM 1

Year 2 Newsletter SPR 2

Year 2 POR Cafe Letter

Year 2 Newsletter SPR 1

Year 2 Welcome meeting

Year 2 Newsletter A1

WW2 day

Look at our amazing WW2 outfits.

Science day

We had such an exciting day meeting a range of animals!

Red nose day

Look at our amazing red nose day outfits!

Power of Reading cafe

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our Power of Reading café. We had a lovely time sharing our story and completing lots of activities.


During Spring, we have learnt lots about the human body and discussed what is inside our bodies. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to hold and observe a real heart.

Number day

We had lots of fun celebrating number day with a range of Maths related activities.

Year 2 Autumn 2

This half term, we have been stepping into the role of Historians and have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. We had a GFOL workshop where the children made 1666 houses with their grown ups. We then used these to create our very own Pudding Lane before re-enacting the historical event by setting the houses on fire to see how quickly fire can spread!

Year 2 Autumn 1

Year 2 have been enjoying reading, completing role play based on a story and hot seating as a character.

Local walk

Our current Power of Reading text is set in the woods. We therefore went on a walk to the local park to see what trees were growing there. The children were very excited to use magnifying glasses and a tree identification sheet to see what trees they could spot!


Year 2 are learning all about plants this half term. In Science, we have observed seeds on a range of plants. We have thought about the importance of seed dispersal and different ways this can happen.